Communications Division (CD) serves as a support entity for the entire Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). CD's Metropolitan and Valley and Communications Dispatch Centers (MCDC and VCDC) are the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for the City of Los Angeles. As the PSAP, CD maintains the responsibility to staff and answer, on a 24-hour basis, the telephones upon which calls for service are received. This includes 9-1-1 emergency calls (police, fire, and paramedic). CD handles only police-related calls for the City. When a 9-1-1 call is received requiring the response of paramedics or the Fire Department, the caller is connected with the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD). Captain III David Storaker is the Commanding Officer of CD.

Employment Information

Looking for a rewarding career as a Public Safety Dispatcher? LAPD Communications Division is anticipating hiring Police Service Representatives (PSRs) this year. CLICK HERE to complete an on-line application.

The application acceptance period is open until further notice. The salary range for PSR is $50,550.00 to $86,923.00 annually.

For information on the selection and training process for a Public Safety Dispatcher, CLICK HERE


City Services


9-1-1 is for Police, Fire, or Medical emergencies. Non emergency calls to
9-1-1 can create delays in handling other very serious emergencies that require immediate assistance.


3-1-1 is an easy to remember, citywide toll-free number that provides immediate access to information and more than 1,500 non-emergency city services.


It is important to keep the 9-1-1 lines and operators available for emergency situations like a person reporting a fire, someone experiencing a heart attack, or someone  witnessing a violent crime in progress.

When someone calls 9-1-1 with a non-emergency call such as a loud party, it ties up  both the incoming 9-1-1 line and the
9-1-1 operator.

Los Angeles is a large city with limited resources. It is important that we keep all  emergency lines and operators available to handle the next incoming emergency. Remember to  dial  877-ASK-LAPD when you need the police, but don’t have an emergency.

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